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F3K Master Privacy Statement

F3K Master is a talking hand launch glider F3K contest timer. It can also be used for other disciplines like ALES

This statement describes how we use the permissions in the Android app and what we do with your data.


We use the microphone to allow you to record pilot names. The recordings are stored on the devices internal or SD storage and you may view and delete all recorded names using the app.

Your location information is used to share your location when taking part in the online contest. We only use this information if you chose to share it.
We use the GPS to synchronize the clock for a networked contest where multiple devices take part in a contest and are synched together for the window clock.

We use the network to synchronize multiple devices running F3K Master to allow a multi player contest. We also use the network to connect you to the online contest when you take part in that.

We use Bluetooth to communicate with an optional Bluetooth Open Altimeter (BTOA) and to send time and round information to on field systems that display clocks or other data on the field. We also use Bluetooth to communicate with ticket printers to print tickets for scoring purposes.

We use SD or internal storage to store contest state so when restarting the app no data is lost. We also use storage to store task lists and contests results. Storage is also used to store recorded names and other contest audio if those options are enabled.

Please check back from time to time for any updates to this statement.